26 thoughts on “Quiz: Mastering Debt Management

  1. Yes, I did learn a lot. I am worried about the one I didn’t get right. In fact, I did no read all the options, I just saw that the first one was correct, sent my response (whereas all we correct). It was a nice credit management exercise.

  2. Yes, avoid pay your debts late or skipping months to go in arrears

  3. #LearnSomethingNew…thank you for the information provided… I ended up taking more quizes because they were just packed with knowledge… Plan on continously visiting this page to get learn more🙌🏾

  4. I really learnt a lot from taking this quiz. There are certain things which I was not aware of and will be making changes to some of my financial habits.

  5. Yes I did learn something, it is important to ensure to pay accounts on time to avoid being on arrears.

  6. Setting up a budget with priorities is important, it makes sure that you don’t end up in debt.

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