35 thoughts on “Quiz: Are you CPA Smart?

  1. I found it good to test my self-knowledge about my consumer rights and scoring well.Yay!

    1. no basic quiz that doesn’t give pertinent information. like what is a consumers rights wrt returns and garuntees. what is the penalty for a supplier selling a product to another if it was a lay buy purchase, who does the coa apply to, business to business or supplier/business to consumer.

  2. Yes definitely, I didn’t know all of my rights when it comes to the consumer, thanks alot for the awesome quiz.

  3. I learnt something new here, the part of being able to cancel the contract and paying the penalty

  4. I cannot upload the screenshot of my results but I learned something new and passed the quiz 11/11.

  5. Yes I learned something new, expecially when they say I need to authorise the repairs first before they are done, because we are robbed mostly

  6. I have added more to the information that I already had and I have. As a consumer it is important to know your rights and responsibilities.

  7. Interesting, Fun and it really taught me a lot. However i do not see how I’m entered into the R500 draw

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