Warranties and maintenance plans
Once you’ve chosen your car, the next issue is how you’re going to keep it in top condition. You will ...
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A car is not an impulse purchase
It’s hard to avoid getting swept up by the excitement when you walk into a car dealership and see the ...
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Owning a car is about a lot more than just your monthly installment
Owning a car costs more than you think
It's not just the price - the other expenses add up to more than you’d expect. Buying a car is ...
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There's a best time to trade in your car.
Pay it off or trade in early?
Are you considering getting a new car while you still owe on your current one? You don’t need to wait ...
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Buying from a dealership or from a private individual are both options when you're in the market for a second hand car
Dealership or private sale?
If you’re looking for a second-hand car, there are pros and cons to both options - buying from a dealership ...
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Affordable cars are the best kind
How much car can you afford?
It's not just your car instalments that need to fit into your budget. While we often have big plans when ...
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